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  • Increased Efficiency

    Law firms using Legau gain 22.1% of time back per attorney

  • Increased Revenue

    More time for other tasks and BD, more productivity

  • Increased Retention

    Better work-life balance, more motivation and productivity

  • Improved Outcomes

    Knowledge easily accessible leads to better outputs

  • Margin Protection

    Value perception on outputs, optimization, tech brand

Join hundreds of very productive and efficient attorneys

  • "Legau is an indispensable tool in my routine as an attorney, along with email and document management. It allows me to use templates, search for jurisprudence and doctrine without leaving Word. Intuitive and simple to use. I recommend it to all legal professionals. It is the digital-legal library that was missing."

    Catarina Limpo Serra, Managing Associate (Litigation) (top 30 law firm in PT; +85 attorneys)
  • "Legau is a very useful and efficient tool in the work of any attorney."

    Luís Miguel Vasconcelos, Banking & Finance (top 30 law firm in PT; +300 attorneys)
  • "It is a very useful tool that follows the evolution of the legal practice and seeks to respond to the great challenges: sharing and managing knowledge in the face of the time vs quality dilemma. With Legau we can make better use of our time and be more efficient, without neglecting the quality of our work."

    Rita Trabulo, Innovation and Knowledge Director (top 30 law firm in PT; +85 attorneys)
  • "A very useful tool with enormous potential from the user's point of view."

    Hugo Escudeiro Guedes, Public Law (top 30 law firm in PT; +150 attorneys)
  • "Legau is for me a very important tool for the drafting of pleadings because it has a great database and, in addition, it allows the handling of content in a very simple way, saving the user time. It is also a tool that is constantly improving, always bringing new features that allow a more efficient use, achieving a great integration with our systems. Congratulations to the Legau team for making our life easier!"

    Marta Duarte, Partner (Litigation) (top 30 law firm in PT; +85 attorneys)
  • "Legau has proven to be a determining tool in the development of my daily work, allowing me to gain hours for the work that really matters."

    Tomás Arantes e Oliveira, Principal Associate (Real Estate) (top 30 law firm in PT; +85 attorneys)

Our clients are already seeing results

  • 22.1%

    of time gained back per attorney in the drafting of legal documents.

  • 91%

    of attorneys who used Legau saved time while drafting legal documents.

  • 75%

    of attorneys report Legau makes them feel more satisfied at work.

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