We are Legau

A growing team of legal go-getters who love to build software solutions for attorneys to reduce daily stress and friction, optimize processes, ensure quality outcomes for all, and make business sustainable.

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Our mission is to empower attorneys to provide quality legal services with joy, empathy and balance.

We believe in:

  • Power of simplicity

    We believe in incremental changes based on simple and intuitive solutions leading to big changes.

  • Attorney-centered tools

    Attorneys operate on a specific context and are 3.6x more likely to suffer from anxiety. We want to help change that.

  • Multi-passionate people

    We believe multi-passionate people are better attorneys. We help attorneys to free some of their time for passions.

  • Legal services for all

    We believe that everyone should have access to quality legal services and justice. We want to help achieve that.

  • Embracing the marathon

    We focus on the long-term. With our team, our clients, our partners. Nothing worthwile is built alone and overnight.

  • Enjoying the marathon

    The most important in a company's life is the journey and what our people get out of it. Results are organic.

We are committed to give back to our community

We believe that if we have gone further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants. Our community, the institutions we have been part of, people we have met along the way, those that trailed the path before us, the books we have read. So it has always been important for us to give back.

Therefore, when you become a client of Legau, you are not just subscribing to another software. You are contributing to something much bigger. Thank you

Good Health and Well-Being


We are committed to promoting the good health and well-being of attorneys and law students through technology solutions that reduce daily stress and friction and collaboration with universities. 


  • Roadmap to reclaim~60% of time
  • Free access to law students
  • Events on mental health

Quality Education


We are committed to promoting quality education through collaboration with universities, mentoring, and contributing with our team’s experience and expertise to raise awareness about the future of the legal sector and design upskilling and reskilling solutions.


  • Partnerships with Law Schools
  • Participation in students events
  • Mentoring of law students

Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions


We are committed to reducing the barriers to access quality legal services by citizens, companies and other entities through technology solutions that empower attorneys, optimize processes and ensure quality outcomes for all, as well as collaboration with regulatory authorities and associations.


  • Roadmap to reclaim~60% of time
  • Free access to probono orgs.
  • Events on public service lawyering

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